Models to be tested

Figure 7 below shows two heat transfer models to be initially tested. Figure on the left is a 1:4 aspect ratio model, with normal trips, which is fully instrumented with heater strips and thermocouple wires. The leads for the heater coils and thermocouple wires are clearly shown. We are currently setting up to perform test on this model. The model on the right is a two-pass model that is instrumented with pressure taps and a larger number of thermocouple wires. Both detailed pressure and heat transfer information can be obtained in this model.

Fig. 7 : Picture of instrumented test sections to be used in the project. Left picture shows a two-legged 1:4 aspect ratio model instrumented with thermocouple wires. Picture on the right also shows a two-legged model instrumented with both pressure tap and thermocouple wires.
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