• At the close of the reporting period, the AGTSR Performing Membership had grown to 101 universities in 38 states. Colorado State University became a Performing Member in February 2002. No additional inquiries were received this reporting period.

• Invoices have been submitted to all IRB members for CY2002 membership. Membership dues have been received (as indicated with a *) from the following firms:

Full Member General Electric Pratt & Whitney *Rolls Royce *Siemens Westinghouse Solar Turbines

Associate Member *Parker Hannifin *Ramgen

*Southern Company Services Woodward FST EPRI

Follow up with the firms not responding to the initial invoice will continue in the following reporting period.

• EPRI provided payment for their 2001 IRB dues in February 2002. With receipt of EPRI's dues, all IRB firms have submitted their payment for 2001.

• Due to recent retirements and company restructuring, the AGTSR Points of Contacts for member firms has changed. The latest listing is shown in Attachment I. The most notable retirements were Dr.'s Day and Ali from P&W and RRA. Both Dr. Day and Ali had been members of the IRB since inception. Dr. Day had served as Chair of the Board. EPRI and Woodward Focal Points have also changed.

• A new chairman for the IRB will be elected at the next IRB meeting.

• No other membership activities occurred during this reporting period.

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