Goals for Next Reporting Period

The goals for the work being done at Virginia Tech for the next reporting period are the following: finish the baseline studies for the two-dimensional slot alone with a range of radial temperature profiles, and to install the endwall film-cooling hole plate. Regarding the computational work of this project, simulations for a range of film-cooling flows interacting with the hot streak will be evaluated.

Further modifications of the hot streak generator will be completed to induce a uniform total pressure profile downstream of the generator at the University of Texas. This will eliminate the wake region downstream of the generator and result in a much more coherent hot streak. Baseline tests will then be completed showing the decay of the hot streak positioned to pass through the center of the passage and to impact the vane. The effect of the hot streak on the adiabatic effectiveness performance of the vane film cooling will be measured. Furthermore, the effect of the film cooling on the dispersion of the hot streak will be measured.

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