Genetic Algorithm For Tomography

As discussed above, the experimental data consisted of LOS absorption measurements. In order to compare the experiments with the LES model results, one can find radial concentration profiles from these line-of-sight measurements (or one could determine what LOS absorptions would be obtained given the LES generated concentration profiles). For absorption of laser light with a concentration that is not constant across the beam, Eqn. 3 applies. For a radial concentration profile, the concentration is dependent on the radius from the center r for the given segment (see Fig. 1 for orientation of z and r). This is an integral equation of the first kind [16].

where R is radius of the outer (air) pipe, z the distance of a given LOS measurement from the center of the pipe, g is ln(I/Io), the natural log of the intensity ratio of a given cord (a function of

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