Future Work

During the next reporting period work will continue to determine the effect of fuel distribution on the stability and emissions characteristics of the dump combustor illustrated in Figure 1. These tests will be extended to a pressure of 2.5 atm, inlet temperatures of 400°C and 450°C, swirl angles of 0° and 60°, and one or two new fuel distributions. In addition, targeted injection will be investigated, i.e., using locations (4), (5) and (6). Once the effects of fuel distribution and fuel targeting on stability and emissions are thoroughly documented the focus of the research will shift to attempting to understand the causes of the observed instabilities and the relationship between this behavior and the fuel distribution/targeting. This phase of the study will likely begin during the second year of this project and will be based on the use of phase-synchronized chemiluminescence imaging measurements and IR absorption equivalence ratio fluctuation measurements.

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