Aeroheat Transfer Workshop V

November 11-13 Cook Conference Center Hotel, Baton Rouge, Louisiana Hosted by Louisiana State University

These workshops are co-sponsored by the U. S. Department of Energy and the South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies (SCIES) under the Advanced Gas Turbine Systems Research/High Efficiency Engines and Turbines (AGTSR/HEET) Program. The workshops will bring together experts from academia, industry, and government to discuss the results of ongoing AGTSR university research projects and identify needed gas turbine research to support the goals of U. S. Department of Energy programs and advance the technology of the U. S. gas turbine industry. Information packets with registration materials will be mailed out approximately ten weeks prior to the workshops. Please put these meetings on your calendar. For questions, please contact Donna Partain ([email protected]). If you have not received an information packet within eight weeks prior to a workshop and you have an interest in attending, please contact our office for assistance.

South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies 386-2 College Avenue • Clemson University • Clemson, South Carolina 29634-5712 Telephone 864/656-2267 • FAX 864/656-0142

ATTACHMENT III AGTSR Progress Reports Received

January 1, 2002-March 31, 2002

Aero-Heat Transfer

Mississippi State University Semi-Annual Report 3/1/01-9/1/01 Subcontract #99-01-SR076 LINK TO REPORT

"Real Surface Effects on Turbine Heat Transfer and Aerodynamic Performance"

PI - B.K. Hodge

Aero-Heat Transfer

Texas Engineering Experiment Station Semi-Annual Report Ending 12/01 Subcontract #00-01-SR082cs LINK TO REPORT

"Rotating and Stationary Rectangular Cooling Passage Heat Transfer and Friction with Ribs, Pins and Dimples"

PI - J.C. Han

Aero-Heat Transfer

Texas Engineering Experiment Station Semi-Annual Report Ending 12/01 Subcontract # 01-01-SR094 LINK TO REPORT

"Rotating Heat Transfer in High Aspect Ratio Rectangular Cooling Passages with Shaped Turbulators"

PI - J.C. Han

Aero-Heat Transfer

Louisiana State University Semi-Annual Report Ending 9/01 Subcontract # 01-01-SR089 LINK TO REPORT

"Internal Cooling in Leading- and Trailing Edge Passages with Rotation and Buoyancy"

PI - Sumanta Acharya

Aero-Heat Transfer

Purdue University Final Report

Subcontract # 98-02-SR069 LINK TO REPORT

"Turbine Blade Tip, Endwall and Platform Heat Transfer Including Rotation Effects"

PI - Sanford Fleeter

Aero-Heat Transfer

University of Minnesota Final Report

Subcontract # 98-01-SR071 LINK TO REPORT

"Edge Cooling Heat Transfer on Turbine Blades"

PI - R. J. Goldstein

Aero-Heat Transfer

University of Texas, Austin Semi-Annual Report 10/01-3/02 Subcontract # 01-01-SR092 LINK TO REPORT

"Attenuation of Hot Streaks and Interaction of Hot Streaks with the Nozzle Guide Vane and Endwall"

PI - Dave Bogard


University of California, Irvine Final Report

Subcontract # 98-01-SR062 Paper Version Only

"Mechanistic Study of Fuel State and Composition Effects in Natural-Gas Fired Gas Turbine Combustion"

PI - Scott Samuelsen


Pennsylvania State University Semi-Annual Report 2/1/01-8/1/01 Subcontract # 01-01-SR090 LINK TO REPORT

"Optimization of the Injector Fuel Distribution for Stable, Low Emissions Combustion in Lean Premixed Gas Turbine Combustors"

PI - Dom Santavicca


University of California, Berkeley Semi-Annual Report 6/1/01-12/1/01 Subcontract # 99-01-SR074 LINK TO REPORT

"Fuel-Air Mixing Explored With Optical Probes, Tomography, and Large Eddy Simulations"

PI - Bob Dibble


University of California, Santa Barbara Semi-Annual Report Ending 1/31/02 Subcontract # 01-01-SR093 LINK TO REPORT

"A Science Based Approach to Enhanced Zirconia-Based Thermal Barrier Coatings For Advanced Gas Turbine Applications" PI - David Clarke


Northwestern University Final Report

Subcontract # 96-01-SR047

Paper Version Only

"SPPS for Advanced Thermal Barrier Coatings"

PI - Katherine Faber


University of Connecticut Semi-Annual Report 8/01-2/02 Subcontract #01-01-SR091 LINK TO REPORT

"Thermal Barrier Coatings and Metallic Coatings with Improved Durability" PI - Fred Pettit

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