• The AGTSR Quarterly Report for the reporting period, October to December 2001, was submitted to NETL on January 31, 2002. The report was submitted via hard copy and disk.

• The monthly status reports for December 2001, January 2002 and February 2002 were submitted as requested to the NETL COR. The status report for March is now in preparation.

• SCIES submitted an application to the NETL-DOE for an award for a new university research initiative—AGTSR/HEET. The requested federal budget for the first budget period was $3.119 million. The NETL requested a revision to the initial application including a budget reduction to $3.0 million. The revised application was submitted on February 22, 2002. SCIES was notified on March 20, 2002, that the revised application had been accepted by NETL. The new assistance number is DE-FG26-02NT41431. The NETL award document is now being reviewed by the Clemson University Research Foundation. In this application SCIES committed a cost share of $150,000 from Industrial Review Board Membership fees.

• SCIES provided input to DOE turbine technology planning by participating in the HEET Roadmapping Workshop in Reston, Virginia, on February 7-8 and the HEET Roadmapping Recommendations and Conclusions Meeting which immediately followed the DOE Turbine Power Systems Conference and Condition Monitoring Workshop in Galveston, Texas, on February 25-27. SCIES also participated in the Materials R&D Roadmap Meeting in the morning before the Conference. A presentation, "AGTSR Transitions from ATS to HEET" was prepared and delivered at the Turbine Power Systems Conference and university representatives for seventeen AGTSR projects participated in the conference poster session.

• Abbie Layne, NETL, has been active in broadening DOE interactions with European organizations and university research is one area of collaboration that is being pursued. Under the direction of the DOE, SCIES has been interacting with a consulting organization, Global Tech Inc (GTI), to facilitate collaboration with the European Union (EU). One of the possible initial activities that are being explored further is coordination of the next AGTSR RFP with the next EU university RFP. The list of candidate research topics for the next university RFP was sent to GTI to be forwarded to the EU to facilitate possible RFP coordination.

• At DOE request (Kate Lessing, NETL), writeups were provided on five AGTSR university projects for the congressional report on the HEET Program.

• The DOE has requested Fact Sheets for each active university project. These Fact Sheets describe the project goals, activities, and benefits and provide contract information. Fact Sheets for eight university projects were developed and sent to the DOE in December. Texts for Fact Sheets on all AGTSR projects have now been provided, but adequate figures were not available for all projects. Figures have been requested from principal investigators and will be provided to the DOE after receipt.

• NETL has approved SCIES request for a no increase in cost time extension for cooperative agreement DE-FC21-92MC29061. The extension period was approved to June 30, 2003.

• Normal administrative functions continued throughout the reporting period.

TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER (Workshops and Education)

• Proceedings of Materials Workshop II co-hosted with Professor Maurice Gell of the University of Connecticut were released in March. The release of the proceedings had been delayed due to an inability to get all speakers to submit their material for publication.

• Dates for the AGTSR Workshops for CY2002 have been finalized (see Attachment II). The co-hosts of these workshops are Combustion IX—Penn State University, Professor Santavicca Materials III—University of Connecticut, Professor Gell Aero-Heat Transfer Workshop IV—Louisiana State University, Professor Acharya

• AGTSR has received 16 applications for the summer Internship program. The student applications are now being reviewed by the IRB companies. Two of the applications were from students that do not have completed PRA status. SCIES is waiting clarification from DOE if these students may be included in the program or not. Once clarification is received, the interns will be placed.

• Attachment III contains a listing of the progress reports received and distributed during this reporting period. A total of 13 reports have been released.

• Principal investigators for all active AGTSR projects were requested to prepare posters for presentation on February 26 at the Turbine Power Systems Conference and Condition Monitoring Workshop in Galveston, sponsored by the DOE and other organizations.

• Additional normal contact was maintained with University and industry AGTSR members.

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