Science Based Approach To Enhanced Zirconiabased Thermal Barrier Coatings For Advanced Gas Turbine Applications

Semi-annual report covering the period

1 August 2001 - 31 January, 2002 Contract No: 01-01-SR093 (DOE-SCERDC)

Advanced Gas Turbine Systems Research Program

South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies

Clemson, South Carolina 29634-5180 Program Manager: Dr. Richard A. Wenglarz

Principal Investigators: D.R. Clarke, C.G. Levi, and A.G. Evans

The support of the Department of Energy through the AGTSR program, administered by the South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies, is gratefully acknowledged. The research described in this report has benefited from the active support and advice of the industrial members of the AGTSR consortium, notably Siemens-Westinghouse, Solar Turbines, General Electric CRD/Aircraft Engines, UTRC/Pratt & Whitney, and Howmet.

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