53 Summary

The effects of relative endwall motion at 100% EES can be summarized as follows:

1. At a clearance of r/C = 0.6%, there appears to be some effect of wall motion on the Sherwood number at certain midchord locations, with Sherwood number decreasing with the introduction of rotation. This may be caused by the leakage vortex moving closer to the suction surface. This would cause reduced pressure gradients across the tip compared to the case of no wall motion, and lead to lower leakage velocities.

2. At a clearance of r/C = 0.86%, there appears to be little effect of wall motion on the Sherwood number, except very near the trailing edge where Sh increases.

3. At all higher clearances, there is no effect of relative motion on Sh, indicating that at such clearances the flow is essentially pressure-driven and viscous effects are negligible.

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