50 Experimental Results

Task 0: Specimen Procurement

The required specimens described in Task 4.0, in the form of 2.54 cm diameter x 0.32 cm disks are being provided by Howmet Corporation. The disks are bond coated on all surfaces. The original plan was to have 3 metallic/bond coats consisting of a Pt-Al, a Pt-Al with Si+Hf and a NiCoCrAlY coating. Howmet's CVD chamber for the Pt-Al with Si+Hf is not operational, so the decision has been made to study the Hf+Si effect using the NiCoCrAlY coating. Thus the 3 metallic/bond coats will be Pt-Al, NiCoCrAlY, and NiCoCrAlY with Si+Hf.

Of the 3 coating systems, Howmet has delivered 20 specimens with a Pt-Al coating were delivered in the first reporting period. The remainder of the coatings in the as sprayed condition were received near the end of this reporting period. Fifty samples of the three types listed below have been recently received.

Table III


Base Alloy


TBC type

0 0

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