43 Mass Heat Transfer from the Tip Surface

In the present study, mass transfer measurements on tip surfaces are also obtained at four different tip clearance levels, and at different mainstream Reynolds numbers and turbulence intensities for r/C = 0.86%. The measurement are conducted in the blade chord coordinates showing in fig. 4.38(a) with the LVDT gauge in vertical position. The dots in the figure are positions the measurements take place and they are aligned in lines parallel to the y/C direction. In the following sections, the local distributions of Sherwood number are presented in the blade chord coordinates starting from the beginning of the naphthalene surface (ya). For contour plots, the blade chord coordinate is converted to the axial coordinate, as shown in 4.38(b). As we can see, in the axial coordinates the measurement lines are close to the direction of incoming flow that is at 35° to the axis.

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