231 Procedures for data reduction

The data reduction process is fully computerized. The basic procedures are listed below.

1. input data file preparation Input the data from the before-run and after-run profile measurement, the temperature and pressure measured in the wind tunnel run, the time recorded in the whole measurement process.

2. data conversion Convert the voltage readings in the profile measurements into depth using the LVDT calibration curve for each measurement position and compare them with the a straight line formed by the two reference points measured on the rims to obtain the sublimation depth.

3. natural convection loss estimation Estimate the naphthalene natural convection loss during the profile measurements, the storage, setup and dismount process in wind tunnel, and subtract it from the total sublimation depth to get the net sublimation depth due to the forced convection. For side surfaces measurement, the natural convection correlations from Wang (1997) is used. For tip surface, the natural convection loss is

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