20 Introduction

Both TBCs and stand-alone metallic coatings, that protect turbine blades and vanes from the hot gas stream, are required to meet the stringent performance, durability, reliability and environmental goals for ATS and Next Generation Gas Turbine industrial engines. This program seeks to develop metallic coatings, to be employed as a stand-alone coating or a bond coat for TBCs, with improved durability and reliability with at least 3X improvement in cyclic oxidation and spallation life. Specifically, the effects of heat treatment, surface finish and alloying for the metallic coatings will be addressed to demonstrate that modified processing techniques and compositions can significantly improve the resistance to thermal cycling damage of metallic coatings. Understanding from this program can be used to develop industrial processing routes and design optimum coating compositions to improve the overall performance of both stand-alone metallic coatings, and bond coats for EB-PVD TBCs.

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