2 Experimental Apparatus And Methods

A cold turbine with blading typical of high-pressure stages was modified specifically for an investigation of seal purge flow using Particle Image Velocimetry. An existing turbine facility was retrofitted with a new blade set, resulting in a required modification of the load control system for the purpose of operating at the design point of the new blading. An expanded optical access window was added to the case of the machine for imaging the flow path of interest.

2.1 Turbine Facility

The Purdue Low-Speed Research Turbine, Figure 2.1, was designed for the experimental investigation of unsteady flow phenomena in turbines (Weaver, 1993), and was here modified for the purpose of secondary flow and cooling flow investigations. The primary facility components are the turbine, the main air flow system, the seal flow system, and the turbine loading system.

2.1.1 Turbine

The Purdue Low - Speed Research Turbine is a two stage, axial flow turbine with constant hub and tip diameters. The blading is of forced vortex design, and was designed by the Allison Engine Company (currently Rolls-Royce plc) to recreate the essential aerodynamic features of modern low-solidity high pressure turbine stages. The significant parameters of the blade and vane rows are presented in Table 2.1.

Table 2.1 Turbine Design Geometry.

Number of Stages Tip Diameter Hub/Tip Diameter Ratio

0 0

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