Standard deviation > 39.4 ft/sec (12 m/s)

3.2 Vorticity Calculations

A simple first-order center differencing scheme was used for vorticity calculations. At locations where data is bounded by geometric imaging interference as well as locations where data is bounded by invalidated (i.e. removed) data, vorticity data is not reported.

3.3 Data Presentation Format

Both two dimensional and three dimensional representations of the acquired data are presented. Each vane relative measurement plane was assigned an angle associated with its circumferential location. These values were all referenced to the solid-geometry model that was generated for the test section. This geometry is shown in Figure 3.4

Table 3.3 Vane Relative Rotor Blade Delay Times.

Plane A (^s)

Plane B (^s)

Plane C (^s)

Plane D (^s)

0 0

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