14 Airbreathing Engines

The turbojet, turbofan, turboprop, turboshaft, and ramjet engine systems are discussed in this part of Chap. 1. The discussion of these engines is in the context of providing thrust for aircraft. The listed engines are not all the engine types (reciprocating, rockets, combination types, etc.) that are used in providing propulsive thrust to aircraft, nor are they used exclusively on aircraft. The thrust of the turbojet and ramjet results from the action of a fluid jet leaving the engine: hence, the name jet engine is often applied to these engines. The turbofan. turboprop, and turboshaft engines are adaptations of the turbojet to supply thrust or power through the use of fans, propellers, and shafts.

Gas Generator

The "heart" of a gas turbine type of engine is the gas generator. A schematic diagram of a gas generator is shown in Fig. 1-3. The compressor, combustor. and turbine are the major components of the gas generator which is common to the turbojet, turbofan. turboprop, and turboshaft engines. The purpose of a gas generator is to supply high-temperature and high-pressure gas.

Gus generator

Gus generator

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