The most powerful medium speed design ever brought to the market— and reportedly the first to exceed the 50 per cent thermal efficiency barrier (Figure 27.28)—the Wartsila 64 engine was prototype-tested in six-cylinder form in September 1996 (Figure 27.29). Production models became available from autumn 1997 and have since logged propulsion applications in containerships, multipurpose cargo vessels and chemical/product tankers. The engines are assigned for manufacture by Wartsila Italia in Trieste.

A rated nominal output of 2010 kW/cylinder at 333 rev/min is quoted for the 640 mm bore/900 mm stroke in-line cylinder design on a mean effective pressure of 25 bar and a maximum cylinder pressure of 190 bar (Figure 27.30). Power demands up to 23 280 kW can be met by a programme of six, seven, eight and nine-cylinder in-line models and a V12-cylinder model. The V-engine has the same bore

Figure 27.28 Rise in thermal efficiency of successive Wdrtsild medium speed engine designs
Figure 27.29 The Wdrtsild 64 engine is the world's largest and most powerful medium speed design
Figure 27.30 Cross-section of Wartsila 64 design

but a shorter stroke (770 mm) and lower specific power rating (1940 kW/cylinder at 400-428 rev/min on an mep of 22-23.5 bar). Performance is boosted by a high efficiency TPL80E turbocharger, one of ABB Turbo Systems' latest TPL series (see Chapter 7).

Reliability is sought from traditional Wartsila solutions, notably a pressure-lubricated piston skirt, large bearings with thick oil films, thick collar cylinder liners fitted with an anti-polishing ring, high fuel injection pressures for optimized combustion, and camshafts with high torque capacity and low Hertzian pressures. Easier installation is addressed by built-on cooling water pumps and lubricating oil system (including automatic filters). Simplicity of maintenance is reflected in a maximum overhaul time of three hours for the 'strategic' components (main and big end bearings, pistons, cylinder heads and injection pumps) thanks to design measures and special tools.

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