Series 2000

The Series 2000 design, with a 130 mm bore/150 mm stroke, is based on the Mercedes-Benz 500 commercial vehicle engine (Figure 30.20). Models with V90-degree 8, 12 and 16 cylinders cover a propulsion band from 400 kW to 1343 kW, while genset drive applications start from 270 kW. The most powerful version, intended for yachts, has a maximum speed of 2300 rev/min. A single-stage turbocharging system is specified as standard but, when special requirements regarding power band width and acceleration characteristics are dictated, Series 2000 engines can benefit from MTU's sequential turbocharging system. Fuel injection, adapted from the commercial vehicle engine, is a solenoid valve-controlled pump/fuel line/injector system, each cylinder having its own separate injection pump.

Figure 30.20 MTU V16-cylinder Series 2000 engine

Marine versions are fitted with MTU's TE twin-circuit cooling system (detailed above in the Series 396 engine section) which fosters an optimum temperature for all operating conditions: intake air can be heated at idling speeds or at partial throttle and cooled at full throttle.

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