Lgb Type Engines

A further improvement in specific fuel consumption was yielded by the L-GB and L-GBE series engines. By using the optimum combination of longer stroke, higher output and higher maximum pressure, and the newest high efficiency turbochargers, much lower fuel consumption rates were achieved. The L-GB series had an mep of 15 bar at the same speed as the L-GFCA to give an increase in power of 15 per cent and an increase in the firing pressure from 89-105 bar. Accordingly, the important Pmax/mep ratio is almost the same but the specific fuel consumption is some 4 g/kWh lower than the L-GFCA series. A further economy rating is obtained with engines of the L-GBE type by holding the Pmax at reduced engine output (so-called 'derating', as outlined

Figure 13.14 L-GB/GBE engine cross-section

in Chapter 5: the practice of offering propulsion engines in both normal and derated versions was adopted by many engine manufacturers, even for four-stroke medium speed engines).

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