Engine construction

The bedplate is built up of two longitudinal box girders extending over the full length of the engine. The transverse girders, which incorporate the main bearing housings, are welded to these longitudinal members. A semi-circular whitemetal lined steel shell forms the lower half of each main bearing and is held in place by a keep secured by studs to the bedplate.

The entablature is also a welded steel box construction, arranged to carry the cylinders which are bolted to the upper face. It is bolted to the tops of the columns and to the crosshead guides. The entablature

Figure 14.4 Main bearing assembly forms the air receiver from which the cylinders are supplied with air and its volume is supplemented by the air receiver on the back of the engine, the top face of which forms the back platform. The intercoolers are mounted on this receiver and the air deliveries from the turbochargers are connected to these coolers. Alternatively, in the case of engines with end-mounted turbochargers, the air from the turbocharger is supplied directly to the entablature after passing through the end-mounted intercoolers.

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