A long tradition in high speed engine design is maintained by Deutz of Germany (formerly Deutz MWM) whose current programme is focused on the 616 and 620 series with an upper output limit of 2336 kW for propulsion and genset drives. Other high speed engines produced under the Deutz banner cover a power range down to 14 kW.

The 616 series is a 132 mm bore/160 mm stroke design covering propulsion plant applications from 320 kW to 1360 kW at speeds up to 2300 rev/min by V8-, 12- and 16-cylinder models (Figure 30.5).

Figure 30.5 V12 cylinder block of Deutz 616 series engine

The 170 mm bore/195 mm stroke 620 series design also embraces V8, 12 and 16-cylinder versions covering a power band from 829 kW to 2336 kW at speeds up to 1860 rev/min for propulsion duty (Figure 30.6). Good exhaust gas exchange and optimum combustion with minimal emissions are fostered by cross-flow cylinder heads and four valves per cylinder, while a relatively high compression ratio promotes excellent cold-start characteristics and low fuel consumption. High pressure fuel injection further contributes to these operating qualities. Correct swirl under both low load and full load conditions is secured by the boost pressure-controlled throttle of the HALLO-Swirl system, a variable swirl-supporting air intake system. Outputs from 1035 kW to 3600 kW at 1000 rev/min are delivered by six, eight and nine in-line and V12- and V16-cylinder versions of the 240 mm bore/280 mm stroke 628 series, which can be operated on heavy fuels (RMK 35) as well as marine diesel oil. (See Chapter 20 for details of Deutz 628 series.)

Figure 30.6 V16-cylinder version of Deutz 620 series engine
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