Crosshead design

The crosshead is similar to that used for RND engines and has double guided slippers. The pin size was increased for safety and thin-walled half shells of the aluminium-tin type were used. The pin itself is of

Figure 12.42 Detail view of RL engine Figure 12.43 Arrangement of telescopic pipes piston with bore cooling for RL engine piston cooling

forged homogeneous steel of symmetrical design, and can therefore be turned around in case of damage. The piston rod is connected to the pin by a single hydraulically tightened nut, while the slippers, made of cast steel and lined with whitemetal, are bolted to the ends of the pin. The cast iron double guide faces are fitted to the engine columns.

The connecting rods of traditional marine type have a forged normalized steel bottom end bearing, lined with white metal, held in place by four hydraulically tensioned bolts. Compression shims are provided between the bottom end bearing and the palm of the connecting rod.

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