Figure 13.15 Components of L-GB cylinder liner

water space. At the chain drive there is an intermediate piece. The stay bolt pipes and the double bottom in the scavenging air space are water cooled. On the front the cylinder frame units are provided with a cleaning cover and inspection cover for scavenging ports. The cylinder frame units are mutually assembled with bolts.

Housings for roller guides, lubricators and gallery brackets are suspended on the cylinder frame unit. Further, the outside part of a telescopic pipe is fixed for supply of piston cooling oil and lubricating oil. At the bottom of the cylinder frame unit there is a piston rod stuffing box. The stuffing box is provided with sealing rings for scavenging air and oil scraper rings preventing oil from coming up into the scavenging air space.

The cylinder liner is made of alloyed cast iron and is suspended in the frame section with a low located flange. The uppermost part of the liner has drillings for cooling water and is surrounded by a cast iron cooling jacket. The cylinder liner has scavenging ports and drillings for cylinder lubrication.

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