245 Maintenance and Service

Some owners of DG power systems secure training for in-house staff from the equipment manufacturer, then assume responsibility for maintenance and service, drawing on the manufacturer only for technical support or major repairs and overhauls. Other owners contract with the manufacturer or its local dealer representative for all or part of a complete service package.

Manufacturer-sponsored maintenance and service programs provide a broad range of options to suit a variety of customer needs. Program specifics vary, but common options include:

• Fluid analysis

• Planned maintenance

• Customer support agreement

• Total maintenance and repair agreement

• Operation and maintenance agreement

Solar Stirling Engine Basics Explained

Solar Stirling Engine Basics Explained

The solar Stirling engine is progressively becoming a viable alternative to solar panels for its higher efficiency. Stirling engines might be the best way to harvest the power provided by the sun. This is an easy-to-understand explanation of how Stirling engines work, the different types, and why they are more efficient than steam engines.

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