244Parallel Operation

In applications involving long run hours, continuous paralleling with the electric utility can be advantageous. Parallel operation is especially beneficial in combined heat and power systems, as CHP equipment is typically sized to carry the building or process heat load and may satisfy only 25 to 50% of the electric power requirement. In a paralleling system, the generator is directly connected to the utility grid. The on-site engine-generator runs continuously at a specified output, while the utility satisfies the balance of the facility load, including load variations.

Solar Stirling Engine Basics Explained

Solar Stirling Engine Basics Explained

The solar Stirling engine is progressively becoming a viable alternative to solar panels for its higher efficiency. Stirling engines might be the best way to harvest the power provided by the sun. This is an easy-to-understand explanation of how Stirling engines work, the different types, and why they are more efficient than steam engines.

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