Cooling module

Auxiliary coolant

Heat exchangei

Cooling module

Heat exchangei

Fig. I FC-WGAR Test System temperature water, the steady-state temperature varies with the solution temperature of WGAR, because the calorie output from the fuel cell is almost constant.

As for the heat output of the fuel cell, a slight temperature drop is observed in the cell cooling water, but its influence on the operation of the fuel cell may be small. On the other hand, when stopping operation of WGAR, the temperature of the high-temperature water rises, but almost no temperature variation was observed in the fuel cell cooling water.

Also, the measurements taken during operation suggested that the operation of WGAR has no adverse effect on the fuel cell.

Heat output efficiency of fuel cell

As for the high-temperature water heat efficiency of PC25C (LHV, high-temperature water of fuel cell inlet temperature: 85*0), a result exceeding 20% of the design value at 200 kW electric output was obtained (Fig.3). When all heat is used in WGAR, the utilization efficiency of the energies of electricity and heat added together was shown to be higher than 60%.

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