Figure 1: PWM Concept

Figure 2: UUV IO-kW Power Plant

Vehlcle Application

In automotive applications both pressurized and ambient pressure power plant designs benefit from PWM. Of the two, ambient pressure design is considered to be the less costly and more reliable approach. IFC has been selected by Ford Motor Company to demonstrate a 50-kW PEM power plant for vehicle application under a U.S. Department of Energy program. Figure 3 illustrates the PWM, ambient pressure design concept of this power plant, which consists of two 25 cell stack modules and appropriate ancillaries. Figure 4 is a photograph of a 25-kW cell stack module mockup. The estimated characteristics of this power plant for operation in 1997 are shown in the Table. This 50-kW hydrogen-air power plant design includes all ancillary components to provide and distribute the reactants and meets the design criteria established by Ford for their vehicle application.

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