Transportation Engine Commercialization At Ballard Power Systems

N. C. Otto and P. F. Howard Ballard Power Systems Inc. 9000 Glenlyon Parkway Burnaby, British Columbia Canada V5J5J9

Engine Commercialization Plan

Ballard is adapting its leading fuel cell technology for transit bus engines in three phases.

In the first phase, completed in 1993, Ballard developed and demonstrated a 125 HP fuel cell engine in a 32-foot light duty transit bus. This was the world's first zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) powered completely by PEM fuel cells. The bus is a reliable, smooth performing vehicle that clearly established the viability of Ballard Fuel Cells for zero-emission transit bus operation.

In the second phase, completed in 1995, Ballard refined its fuel cell technology, building a 275 HP fuel cell engine for a 40-foot heavy duty transit bus. The fuel cell engine fits in the existing engine compartment and meets the performance of a combustion powered vehicle, but with no pollution.

In the third phase, small fleets of ZEV buses will be tested with Chicago Transit Authority and BC Transit. These test fleets will provide the performance, cost and reliability data necessary for commercial production.

Commercial production of Ballard's environmentally clean engines will begin in the 1998-1999 timeframe.

Phase 1 - Proof of Concept 100 miles /160 km 20 passengers 125 HP Fuel Cell Engine

Phase 2 - Commercial Prototype 250 miles /400 km 60 passengers 275 HP Fuel Cell Engine

Phase 3 - Fleet Demonstration 250 miles /400 km 60 passengers 275 HP Fuel Cell Engine

Commercial Production 350 miles / 560 km 75 passengers 275 HP Fuel Cell Engine Regenerative Braking

Figure 1: Bus Engine Commercialization Plan

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