The Fy 1993 Dod Fuel Cell Demonstration Project

TheFY1993Defense Appropriations Act provided S6.0M worth of equipment procurement funds per Service for the implementation of "non-developmental item natural gas fuel cells currently in production in the United States... for power generation at military installations... " with the recommendation that"... some of the cells be installed at locations in need of enhanced air quality ...". The purposes of this demonstration project are to stimulate growth in the fuel cell industry, which will lower costs through economies of scale and competition, and to determine the role fuel cells should play in DOD long-term energy supply strategy. The three Services, acting through the Defense Utilities Energy Coordinating Council (DUECQ, requested that the U. S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (USACERL), a U. S. Aimy Corps of Engineers research laboratory affiliated with the University of Illinois atUrbana-Champaign, coordinate this fuel cell demonstration program for all three Services. Specific tasks associated with US ACERL's coordination role in this program include the following: (1) Procurement of turnkey Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell Power Plant packages: (2) Evaluation of potential DOD site installation candidates in order to identify the specific sites where the PAFCs will be installed; (3) Monitoring of the electrical generation efficiency, degree of thermal utilization, air emission characteristics, and overall system reliability of the PAFCs to determine the economic and environmental benefits of owning and operating these systems: (4) Development of application guidelines based on the results of this project for the implementation of PAFC technology at DOD facilities; and (5) Documentation of all aspects of the entire DOD Fuel Cell Demonstration Project A solicitation was prepared for the purchase of turnkey Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell Power Plant packages, to include purchase, site engineering, installation and startup, operation and maintenance training, and a five year warranty, maintenance and repair period. Following a negotiation period, ONSI Corporation was awarded a contract for the purchase of these turnkey PAFC systems. The terms of this contract involve cost-sharing on the part of ONSI Corporation and calls for partnering with the local utility serving the selected posts. A total of 12 200-kW PAFCs were purchased with the FY 1993 Appropriations and have been, or will be, installed at DoD installations, with specific installation sites being identified through contract modifications.

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