The lower is the operating temperature of fuel cell, the longer the fuel cell life is expected. On the other hand, at higher temperatures, the fuel cell performance improves but the increase in costs for equipment and maintenance would offset the performance gains. Therefore, in this study the temperature of 65CC is selected as a maximum temperature for the fuel cell outlet!

The temperature of absorbent affects largely the design of the CO2 separator. The performance of the C02 separator improves at higher temperature while heat requirement increases due to the increased vaporization of steam in the C02 stripper. Also the absorbent will be degraded at higher temperatures. The available heat from the anode exhaust and the inter cooler of the air compressor covers the heat requirement of the CO, separator when the operating temperature of the inlet stream of the C02 stripper is about 62"C. This temperature is low enough to avoid degradation of absorbent.

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