Target Markets For Distributed Power

Most applications for distributed power are focused on electric and gas utility installations. Applications in these areas include prime power/base-load, sub-station, compressor, and large commercial equipment.

However, industrial applications present a unique set of requirements and opportunities for distributed power. For many industrial and chemical process plants, the total power consumption for a grassroots facility or the incremental power required for an expansion is less than 20 megawatts (MW). Added to that fact, are the plants' needs for large volumes of high quality steam and hot water. The results is a nearly ideal fit for a distributed power installation.

Additional benefits can be realized by locating the power generation system "inside the fence" at an industrial or chemical process plant. Support equipment normally associated with power generation systems, such as feed-water treatment systems, plant and instrument air, blow-down cooling water, and fire protection systems, can usually be found in industrial facilities. This equipment can be expanded to support the power generation system, with substantially lower capital expenditure than that required by new, dedicated facilities. Distributed power generation systems can be an economical alternative in such plants.

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