The objective system of this study is 1.5kW class MCFC stack composed of 20 unit cells'". The effective area of the electrode is 625cm2. Preheated fuel and oxidant gases are supplied through the internal manifold to the channels of each unit cell.

Because of the complexity of the phenomena in the real system; e. g., mass transport, heat transfer, chemical and electrochemical reactions, etc. adequate simplification by several assumptions is required before the equations are described. The assumptions employed are as follows.

(1) Stack is operating at steady state.

(2) The differential element is at isothermal condition and the gas composition, current density and heat generation rate are uniformly distributed in it

(3) All gases are ideal and flow in laminar regime.

(4) Operating voltage of the stack is constantly maintained.

(5) Radiative heat transfer is neglected.

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