4) Performance of Pt-Co Alloys and CoTPP Catalysts for the Reduction of Oxygen in AFC 698

Y. Kiros, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, SWEDEN, A. Sampathrajan and M. Ramanathan, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, INDIA

5) FCPP Application to Utilize Anaerobic Digester Gas 702 Y. Nakayama, N. Kusama and K. Wada, Toshiba Corporation, Tokyo, JAPAN

6) Local Biofuels Power Plants with Fuel Cell Generators 706 O. Lindstrom, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, SWEDEN

7) Integrated Analysis of the "Sponge Iron Reactor and Fuel Cell System" 710 J. Lehrhofer, M. Ghaemi, H. Wernigg, K. Friedrich and K. Kordesch,

Graz University of Technology, Graz, AUSTRIA

8) Onboard Fuel Reformers for Fuel Cell Vehicles: Equilibrium,

Kinetic and System Modeling 714

T. Kreutz, M. Steinbugler, and J. Ogden, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

9) Analysis of On-Board Fuel Processing Designs for PEM Fuel Cell Vehicles 718 S. Kartha, S. Fischer and T. Kreutz, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

10) Demonstration Test of a Reformer Employing Thermal Radiation

Media for Multi-Megawatt Fuel Cell Applications 722

Y. Morita, Chiyoda Corporation, Yokohama, JAPAN, M. Ogawa, Kansai Electric Power Company, Amagasaki, JAPAN, T. Horie, Chiyoda Corporation, Yokohama, JAPAN and Y. Mizumoto, Mitsubishi Electric Corp., Kobe, JAPAN

11) Development and Life Evaluation of a Steam Reforming Process for PAFC 726 S. Nagase, S. Takami, M. Masuda, N. Shinke and N. Iwasa, Osaka Gas

Company, Ltd., Osaka, JAPAN

♦Abstract not available at time of publication.

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