The C02 separator is able to improve the system efficiency of the MCFC power plant and the expected system efficiency reaches 63 HHV %. This considerable improvement is mainly due to the increment of fuel utilization. This high value is assured by the peculiar features of the CO2 separator. The unused valuable fuels in the anode exhaust can be recycled back to the fuel cell once the anode exhaust gets rid of CO2.

In this study, the effectiveness of the C02 separator is shown when it's applied to the internal reforrming MCFC. Alternatively it is possible to apply it to the external reforming MCFC. In this case the system efficiency decreases to about 60% because of a large amount of anode gas recycle at high temperature required to transfer the waste heat from the fuel cell to the external reformer, that needs additional power consumption of the hot recycle gas compressor. Also the anode gas recycle dilutes (he anode gas composition and lowers the Nernst potential that leads to the increased size of the fuel cell stack.

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