Status Of Mcfc Stack Development At Hitachi

S. Takashima, T. Kahara, M. Takeuchi, Y. Amano, and T. Yoshida Fuel Cell Development Center Hitachi Works, Hitachi, Ltd. 1-1, saiwaicho 3-Chome, Hitachi-shi, Ibaraki, 317, Japan


Hitachi, Ltd. has been developing Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells in the New Sunshine project in Japan, and Hitachi is taking part in the development of a l.OOOkW MCFC pilot plant at Kawagoe. Hitachi is engaged in system planning of the l.OOOkW pilot plant, design and manufacturing of the reformer subsystem and the fuel cell subsystem, and design and manufacturing of the 250kW stacks for the l.OOOkW plant.

The 250kW stacks are developed on the basis of the results of the lOOkW slack in 1993 and the following 25kW stack in 1994.

In parallel to the stack development, Hitachi is also conducting researches for long endurance cells and stacks. In addition to the researches for anode, cathode, electrolyte, and electrolyte matrix, improvement of temperature distribution in stacks is investigated to extend the stack life.

This paper describes the planning status of the 250kW slacks for the 1 ,OOOkW MCFC plant and the developing status of stack cooling method for longer life.

Development of 250kW Stacks

Hitachi is developing 250kW slacks for the 1,000kW plant, and planning to install the two stacks at the plant in 1998. Table 1 shows the planning specification of the stack. Basic specifications such as the cell type and the elecirodc area arc the same as the specifications of the

Table 1 Specification of the 250kW Slacks (2 sets)




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