Stack Specification And Configuration

An internally manifolded stack wilh the elcctrode area of l.OOOcrf has been designed and fabricated. The components for the stack were fabricated at KIST laboratory and delivered to KEPRI for assembling the stack where the test facility was constructed for operation and evaluation. On the top and bottom, the clectric heaters were located for avoiding the heat loss from the stack. The reaction gas supply and the exhaust were equipped at the bottom of stack through the gas manifold. The air cylinder and the load cells located on the top and under the bottom of the stack were used for compressing the stack. More than 50 thermocouples and 20 electric terminals were installed for measuring the temperature, cell voltage and load current in the stack.

Table 1. Specification of a 2 kW stack being operated



Power output


Cell voltage


Current density


Electrode area

1,000 enf

Cell Number

20 cell

Current collector

Anode : Ni, Cathode : SUS


0 0

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