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Many customers have an immediate need for power. This is especially true with a cash/credit shortage brought on by the tough business climate of the last decade. This is when equipment leasing may provide an attractive options.

Stewart & Stevenson, in conjunction with General Electric Credit Corporation, has recently announced a program to make our gas turbine equipment immediately available for short or long term lease arrangements. This makes it even more practical to install "temporary" power means of delaying costly central station construction, or to install permanent generating capacity without the need to seek traditional financing from banks. Similar programs are being introduced or expanded to cover our smaller gas turbine units and our extensive line of reciprocating products.


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M-C Power Corporation plans to introduce its molten carbonate fuel cell (MCFC) market entry unit in the year 2000 for distributed and on-site power generation. Extensive efforts have been made to analyze the cell stack manufacturing costs. The major objective of this study is to conduct a detailed analysis of BOP costs based on an initial design of the market entry unit

Major Facilities of the Unit

The design capacity chosen for the market entry unit is 1 MW. The unit is designed for -3 atm pressurized operation. It is totally self-contained, requiring only import of natural gas and a small amount of water. This design effort was very detailed, down to the sizing of each pipe and valve.

The cost analysis is based on a low production volume of 20-50 units per year. The purpose is to determine whether the fuel cell unit can meet the cost goal without the benefit of mass. Essentially, the cost estimate has no factored costs derived from similar project experience. Price quotes were obtained from equipment vendors and materials suppliers._An isometric of the 1 MW market entry unit is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Isometric of the 1 MW market entry unit

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