1. H.Macda, K.Mitsuda, H.Urushibata, M.Enaini and K.Takasu. "PERFORMANCE OF PEFC 1KW CLASS MODULE", Proc. of the 2nd IFCC. 5-08.pp367-370. Feb. 1996.

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VW/V/V/VL. Carbon Paper Catalyst Laver^'. (Anode)

_4_ Polymer Electrolvte

^ 1//////// Catalyst Layer I ■»■» ■>■>•>■» i *

_ Carbon Paper (Cathode)

^TTp, Hot Press

Catalyst Layer Anode

Polvmer Electrolyte

Catalyst Layer \fetetttf


Fig.l. Schematics of the "three dimensional bonding method" (micro curved cell).

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