Reciprocating Products

Generator sets are readily available in sizes ranging from ten kilowatt (kW) to ten MW, in single- and tandem-drive configurations. Stewart & Stevenson's broad range of power generation products powered by reciprocating engines offer portability, low capital cost, fast installation, reliable operation, and low maintenance. Our packages are built for indoor, outdoor, and extreme climate conditions. Sound attenuating enclosures allow these units to meet the most stringent noise requirements for installation near office areas. Yet, these enclosures maintain unobstructed service access to speed repair and maintenance activities, preserving the inherent high availability of the equipment. Our generator set utilize engines from well-known manufacturers such as Generac, Detroit Diesel, Cooper-Superior, EMD, Waukesha, Ruston, Krupp-MaK, and Mirrlees Blackstone. These units are available in an assortment of flexible fuel systems configurations like: Natural gas, diesel, crude oil, pilot-ignited natural gas (PING), and dual fuel (natural gas/diesel). This assures availability of low cost fuels in virtually any area of the world where is needed.

These units are widely varied for applications in both commercial and military applications. Applications like: standby, blackstart, continuous base-load, cogeneration, peaking, peak shaving, and ships' service. The generator sets are available in trailer-mounted configurations, as well as easily transportable units for conventional pad mounting. These units are ideal for service as temporary power while constructing or repairing your power station. You can even use our generator sets for permanent power, peak shavers, and standby power in parallel with larger power plants.

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