rco Pco T

Reaction rate [mol/(h*g) CO partial pressure [kgf/cm2 abs.]

Reaction temperature [K] (200 to 250°C) Gas constant [8.314 J/(mol-K)]

It is seen from this table that reduction of CO below the 10 ppm target value is possible at static condition with reaction at 250°C and SV = 300 h-1.

From the CH4 concentrations, some C02 methanation reaction would appear to have occurred, which would consume hydrogen, otherwise utilizable as fuel, beyond the amount necessary for CO elimination, to lower the overall thermal efficiency of this process.

Table 1 CO, Co2, CH2 concentration at reactor inlet/outlet (S/C: 1.55)

Test condition

CO Cone.

C O 2 Cone.

C H, Cone.

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