Progress And Prospects For Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell Power Plants

Leonard J. Bonville, Glen W. Scheffler and Murdo J. Smith * International Fuel Cells Corporation South Windsor, Connecticut 06074

International Fuel Cells (IFC) has developed the fuel cell power plant as a new, on-site power generation source. IFC's commercial fuel cell product is the 200-kW PC25™ power plant. To date over 100 PC25 units have been manufactured. Fleet operating time is in excess of one million hours. Individual units of the initial power plant model, the PC25 A, have operated for more than 30,000 hours. The first model "C" powerplanthas over 10,000 hours of operation. The manufacturing, application and operation of this power plant fleet has established a firm base for design and technology development in terms of a clear understanding of the requirements for power plant reliability and durability. This fleet provides the benchmark against which power plant improvements must be measured.

PC25 Power Plant Development Progress

As the first PC25 power plants were entering service, IFC began an aggressive development program to improve the design and manufacturing processes of the power plant to reduce its size, weight and cost. In addition, this on-going development program has addressed the simultaneous goals of improved performance, durability, and reliability. Development progress has been sustained at a compounded rate of 10 percent per year since the late 1980's. This development progress is illustrated in Figure 1 which shows the significant reductions in power plant weight and volume achieved since the initial prototype model was built. These improvements to date are reflected in the PC25 C design which is a one-third reduction in size and weight when compared to the PC25 A.

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