Plant Power Quality

The primary power quality issues of an inverter power source are voltage wave form distortion, and current wave from distortion resulting from harmonics. The primary power conversion issues are efficiency and the ability of the power source to operate (ride) through load disturbances of short duration. The fuel cell power plants ability to inject variable amounts of volt-ampere reactive (VAR) power independent of real power increases the concern about voltage wave form distortion. During the operation of the fuel cell power plant, wave forms are continuously monitored. A typical wave form at rated power output is shown in Figure 1. The total harmonic distortion (THD) is 1.15% with the total odd and even components 1.02% and 0.53% respectively. This is excellent quality and well within the IEEE 519 requirements. A trend plot of the voltage harmonics is presented in Fig. 2. This shows the variation in the THD while the fuel cell plant was changing power output and other operating parameters.

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