Performance Of The Stack

From the co-flow type stack simulation, 1.74kW of power was obtained at a current density of 150mA/cmz, a somewhat higher value than experimental value of 1.70kW(Figure 1). At this condition it was calculated that the voltage loss of the stack results from Nernst loss by 63mV, electrode polarization by 81mV and IR loss by 80mV, respectively. These values were similar to the experimental values (64mV, 85mV, 79mV, respectively).

The current density profile of the stack was also obtained. Regardless of the type of the gas flow, the profile tended to decrease with the progression of the anode gas flow. This trend was because the current density was more strongly affected by the gas composition than the temperature. However, because of the temperature effect, significant differences of the current density profile existed among the different gas flow type of the stack. The average current density of the stack at the same operating voltage was larger in order of co-flow, cross flow and counter flow.

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