(l)Variety of cell performance Figure 3 shows the typical designed block's life performance. In the initial term, the start-stop operation had been carried out repeatedly to improve the electrolyte adsorption into the electrode catalyst layer, and the performance decay rate shows the larger value, 5.9mV/Kh. After then, the stable life performance about 2mV/Kh have been obtained. The two points of the parts extracting from the other block show in Fig.3 respectively, the interrupted performance decay happened at that time. It is considered that, in order to release the fastening the stack and the fitting state of each cell elements interfaces would be varied, internal resistant might be increased, or the daily start-stop operation, for the initial dealing with the new exchanged cell block, might be influenced. Because of excepting these points influences, the performance decay rates are estimated on the interval term during the points. For the purpose of consideration of the influence of start-stop, the cumulative count of start-stop are also plotted in Fig.3. Although it seem that larger decay rates are shown in the term of many start-stop operated, it has been remained the much obscure phenomena on these term yet and the test which would be manifest of these have been carrying out.

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