New Lower Cost Matrix

The lower cost matrix was developed and tested as part of an effort to reduce MCFC stack costs without sacrificing the performance or endurance of the state-of-the-art MCP high performance matrices. Cells operated with the new, lower cost matrix have shown stable performance and endurance at both atmospheric and elevated (3 atm) pressures. A life graph of a 2000 hour cell test of the lower cost matrix on system gases pressurized to 3 atmospheres is shown in Figure 2. This cell was terminated voluntarily for analysis of the post-test carbonate distribution and cell package characteristics. In addition to a dramatic reduction in raw material cost, the lower cost matrix exhibits an improved in-cell porosimetry with improved carbonate retention properties, and increased resistance to in-cell compaction. Because of these improvements, increased MCFC endurance is expected. Scale-up of the lower cost matrix to commercial-area manufacturing and testing is in progress.

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