Multilayers With Large Surface Area

Cofiring the multilayers with large surface area (up to 400cm2) was tried to suppress the production costs. By minimizing the mismatch of sintering shrinkage profiles of anode, cathode and electrolyte materials, we achieved to fabricate the good flatness of multilayers with surface area of 225 and 400cm2. Fabrication process of these multilayers was improved one (type B). The I-V/P characteristics were shown in Fig. 3. The maximum power density of these cells with surface area of225 and 400cm2 were 0.23 Wcm'2 and 0.22Wcm"2 respectively. These values were lower than that of multilayers with surface area of 150cm2 (0.27Wcm"2). Small size cells (30mmij>) were cut from multilayers with the surface area of 400cm2 and 150cm2. Those small size cells were tested to reveal that the inferior power density was due to the multilayers themselves or not. I-V characteristics of those cells were shown in Fig. 4. This figure shows that the characteristics of those small cell cut from multilayers surface area of400cm2 were almost equal to that of surface area of 150cm2. It means that inferiority of power density of single cells with large multilayers was not due to the multilayers, probably to current collection.

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