A R&D program on MCFC, of which current target is to establish the fundamental technology through fabricating a 2kW stack with the performance higher than 0.8V at 150mA/crf, has been started since 1993. The program consisted of two phases : a 2kW class MCFC stack and the test facility will be constructed and operated during the first phase (1993-1996) and then a lOOkW MCFC system will be constructed in the second phase(1997-2002) on the basement of first phase results. From this strategy, KEPRI formed the MCFC developing group with Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST) and Samsung Heavy Industry (SHI) for fabricating, operating and evaluating of 2kW MCFC stack. This paper presents the results of this first phase program and some of the problems experienced during its operation and fabrication of stack components. Specification of the stack under operation is shown in Table 1.

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