On-site Phosphoric Acid Fuel Cell (PAFC) Cogeneration system is installed at various test sites, such as at underground parking lot, within chemical plant premises and near urban streets. Since in the current PAFC system, cathode air is supplied to the cell with no particular pre-treatment, impurity gases in the air might influence on cell performance.

We have investigated the influence of various impurity gases in the cathode gas, on sub-scale single cells, and have found that N02, S02 and toluene affect negatively on ceH"performance. The results of these experiments and the conceivable mechanism of these effects on cell degradation are reported.

We have also investigated the influence of other operating parameters, such as temperature, current density, fuel utilization on cell performance. From these experiments, we have found that operating temperature is a significant factor, which mainly determines cell voltage decline Tate. The results of sub-scale single cell tests and a short-stack verification test are also reported.

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