We have developed fabrication process for planar SOFC fabricated with cofired anode/electrolyte/ cathode multilayers and interconnects [1-5], By cofiring technique for the multilayers, we expect to reduce the thickness of the electrolyte layers, resulting in decrease of innerimpedance, and achieve low production cost. On the other hand, the cofiring technique requires that the sintering temperature, the shrinkage profiles and the thermal expansion characteristics of all component materials should be compatible with the other [6], It is, therefore, difficult to cofire the multilayers with large area.

Using the multilayers with surface area of 150cm2, we fabricated the multiple cell stacks [5], The maximum power of 5x4 multiple cell stack (5 planes of cells in series, 4 cells in parallel in each planes 484cm2 effective electrode area of each cell planes) was 601W (0.25Wcm'2, Uf=40%). However, the terminal voltage of the multiple cell stack decreased by the cause of cell cracking, gas leakage and degradation of cofired multilayers. This paper presents the improvements of cofired multilayers, and the performance of multiple cell stacks with the improved multilayers.

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