AlliedSignal has been developing high-performance, lightweight solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology for a broad spectrum of electric power generation applications. This technology is well suited for use in a variety of power systems, ranging from commercial cogeneration to military mobile power sources. The AlliedSignal SOFC is based on stacking high-performance thin-electrolyte cells with lightweight metallic interconnect assemblies to form a compact structure. The fuel cell can be operated at reduced temperatures (600° to 800°C). SOFC stacks based on this design has the potential of producing 1 kW/kg and 1 kW/L. This paper summarizes the technical status of the design, manufacture, and operation of AlliedSignal SOFCs.

The AlliedSignal SOFC stack design is a flat-plate concept that places ceramic cells in a compliant metallic housing. In this design, single cells are connected in electrical series via metallic fins and interconnects (interconnect assemblies). Metallic fins and interconnects are made from thin cross-section foils. The fins, attached to the interconnects, form flow channels for fuel and oxidant gases. A crossflow version of this design is schematically shown in Figure 1.

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